Development and Construction

Double Kingdom is a developer by trade, delivering its bespoke capabilities across a range of sectors in which it has deep experience.

As a developer, we actively manage our projects, working closely with our Chinese EPC contractor partners. We focus on delivering solutions to our host sovereign governments across all aspects of our projects.

We furnish complete master plans and architectural designs, all in consultation with in-country architects and experts, to closely adhere to local customs.

During the development stage our focus is on constructing the highest quality assets. We meet our targets, overcoming a range of challenges creatively to our EPC partners and government hosts.

At every stage of a project we are in close co-ordination with our long standing Chinese partners. We provide cost, quality and timetable control through the scrutiny of our in-country teams.

Real Estate and Housing

  • Government housing
  • Commercial, residential and hotels
  • University housing
  • Stadiums

Infrastructure development

  • Healthcare
  • Water treatment
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Railway Lines


  • Thermal and cycle plants
  • Hydro plants and dams
  • Wind stations
  • Transmission lines and stations
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